Our gelato chefs create everything we do from scratch and they take their time, lovingly churning that little bit slower to make it even creamier.



Our mango sorbetto is as creamy as can be, but without cream! The water based gelato contains mangoes, water, natural sugars and nothing else.


We take the finest 85% extra Bitter Chocolate, churn it with water and natural sugars and nothing else, to produce a smooth, ,creamy sorbetto sensation.


Madagascan Vanilla

This gelato is churned with the famous Bourbon Vanilla Pods, fat and juicy from Madagascar, resulting in a unique experience on the palate.


Pistacchios grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of Mount Etna at Bronte in Sicily are the basis of this gelato's amazing flavour.

Chocolate Brownie

Whole Chocolate Brownies are blended into our rich cream gelato resulting in a really genuine ' brownie tasting' experience


We use the best hazelnuts from Piemonte where the family at our partner farm have been tending these nut orchards for four generations


We blend fresh strawberries into our mix, and top the gelato with home poached strawberries and white chocolate

Bacio (Chocolate with Hazelnut)

Bacio in Italian means “Kiss”. Our Bacio gelato is a kiss of best quality hazelnuts from Piemonte and the finest quality chocolate.

Amarena Cherry Cheesecake

Poached amarena cherries are incorporated into a cheesecake gelato made from soft cheese and digestive biscuits.

Salted Caramel

There's a real salty kick to this. First there's the sweet sensation of our homemade caramel sauce, which is followed by the salty blast.


Shots of Borbone Neapolitan coffee are added to our creamy gelato and churned slowly to create a real, intense coffee flavour.

June Guest Flavours

We have 5 guest flavours, picked according to seasonality. And one extra special flavour-poll winner - as chosen by our twitter Swoonatics. This June we are proud to introduce our Charcoal Vanilla Gelato with added health benefits, look out for it on Social!

Passionfruit Sorbetto

This month's flavour poll winner

Yoghurt Gelato with raspberry and caramelized almonds
Mascarpone with figs
Lemon and Lime Sorbetto
Charcoal Vanilla Gelato