You can't hurry love. That's why our devoted chefs create our flavours using only the finest fresh ingredients, and then patiently churn our gelato that little bit longer and that little bit slower. The result is a spoonful that's creamier, smoother and altogether more swoonful.



Paradise found. The real mystery of our exotic mango sorbetto is how the creamiest texture is created using only mangoes, water and natural sugars. That's our little secret...


Indulgent! The finest 85% extra-bitter chocolate is churned with water and natural sugars to produce a creamy sorbetto taste sensation.


A vibrant fruity sorbet, a firm favourite no matter what time of year. Raspberries, water and natural sugar, makes it deliciously refreshing.


Madagascan Vanilla
World-renowned Bourbon vanilla pods are shameless people-pleasers. They arrive fat and juicy from Madagascar and elevate our vanilla into something extraordinary.
The fertile slopes of Sicily's Mount Etna produce the tastiest pistachios in Italy. We draw them out of their shells to form the basis of our gelato's sublime and sinfully nutty flavour.
Chocolate Brownie
Brownies and gelato - it's the dream double-date. We take whole chocolate brownies and blend them into a rich cream gelato. You enjoy a happy-ever-after outcome.
We use only the ultimate Italian hazelnuts from our partner farm in Piemonte where the same family have tended the orchards for four generations. We consider each nut a love token - try our gelato and you'll see why this one's a keeper.
Strawberries wedded to white chocolate. That's a union we approve of. We blend the juiciest fresh fruit into our mix, before topping the gelato with home-poached strawberries and white chocolate.
Bacio (Chocolate with Hazelnut)
Taste what happens when the finest chocolate puckers up to Piemonte hazelnuts -- you'll understand why we called this sublime sorbetto the Italian for 'kiss'.
Amarena Cherry Cheesecake
An alluring gelato with hidden depths. Poached amarena cherries are incorporated into a cheesecake base made from soft cheese and digestive biscuits.
Salted Caramel
The contrary one. Oh-so-sweet to start with thanks to our lovingly homemade caramel, but followed by a subtle hit of salt. It'll keep you coming back for more,
Borbone Neapolitan coffee, added to creamy gelato and painstakingly churned to create an intense wake-up call of coffee flavour. It's what we call espresso love.

Guest Flavours

an example of our guest flavours, picked according to seasonality. Please see in store for current guest flavours.

Mixed Berries

A fruit sorbet, dairy free, suitable for vegans, a mix of fruit forest

Almond Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate, almond gelato with crunchy caramelised almonds

Custard Amaretto

Custard cream gelato with mascarpone, amaretti and orange, served with a dark chocolate & amaretti biscuit topping